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Trending health and wellness news, diet, nutrition and fitness, Cayman Health’s Prevention & Wellness section provides all you need to know, with articles from Pinnacle publications as well as reputable third party industry sources.


Maintaining Your Health Over the Holidays

Easy tips to help keep your health, and weight, on track this holiday season.





Give Thanks for Turkey!

Cayman Health looks at the nutritional values of this favorite holiday food, and dispels the myth of turkey causing tiredness.



What is Gestational Diabetes?

Cayman Health looks at diabetes diagnosed in pregnancy, how it is diagnosed and who is more at risk.





Take a Deep Breath…

Grand Cayman Magazine explores meditation and its place in the secular space.





The Foodie Diaries: How Cayman’s Fittest Fuel their Lifestyles

Estella Shardlow talks to three well-known personalities whose lifestyles call for nutritious diets.



Super Spices: The Apothecary in Your Pantry

Flava Magazine delves into the health benefits and uses of the spices we may already have in our home.




How to: Swap Your Way to Healthy

Nutritionist Andrea Hill talks to Flava about how simple dietary changes can make a big difference.





Happiness and the Science Behind it

Crenshaw Rivas explores the psychology and science behind Happiness for Grand Cayman Magazine.






Hurricane Health Tips

How to prepare, what to do and where to go if a storm hits.






In the Comfort of Your Own Home

A patient’s experience with home health care, and resources available on-island.






Know your Patient Rights

Knowing your rights and responsibilities as a patient is imperative when making decisions about your healthcare. Find out what you are entitled to and responsible for in Cayman.




Life Changing Donations

Exploring blood donation, bone marrow and stem cell transplants and organ donation in Cayman.







Prevention is Better than Cure

Preventative Healthcare tips such as hygiene, nutrition and physical activity, as well as recommended health screenings for each age group.





The Basics of Diabetes

Find out about the causes, symptoms and treatments of one of Cayman’s top three medical conditions.






The Importance of a Living Will

Advance healthcare directives, also known as living wills, and their place in Cayman’s legal framework.






Top 12 Health and Fitness Apps

A selection of health and fitness apps rated as the best of 2016 by






Traditional Cayman Plant Remedies

In days gone by, Cayman’s medicine cabinet was in the garden. Here are some examples of herbal remedies used by our forefathers.





A Guide to Fresh Juice: The Elixir of Life

Flava Magazine talks to Nutritionist Andrea Hill about juicing, its benefits and drawbacks.